It is necessary to cage migrant children plus we like it, explains White House

DONALD Trump’s team have explained that it is necessary put migrant children in cages and also they like doing it.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said: “Strict border control is necessary for homeland security, which is why we must detain immigrant children in prison-like conditions away from family members. Also, caging kids is just the sort of thing we like doing.

“We are absolutely wretched bastards who seem human decency as weakness, and perhaps unsurprisingly have a strong sadistic streak.

“Once I cried and black tears came out. Actual black tears. My soul was leaking out of my eyes and it was like warm oil.”

She added: “I was going to add some stuff about Jesus and the Bible, but I can’t be bothered because some clever-clever fucker would only point out that ‘Jesus was an immigrant’.

“Yes he was. We’d put him in a cage too, then say ‘how you like them apples Jesus’ and laugh.

“Anyway enjoy your day.”