Jihadi John ‘used to be a schoolboy’

BRITAIN is recoiling from news that ‘Jihadi John’ was, from the age of six to 18, a child who attended school.

Photographs of the ISIS terrorist wearing a school uniform have contradicted popular beliefs that he grew up as a masked Islamic extremist in west London.

Francesca Johnson, from Croydon, said: “Apparently John, as a child, enjoyed watching children’s television, reading children’s books and playing with other children.

“And rather than being that one kid in the class who wore an Osama bin Laden T-shirt on school trips and demanded all the girls be expelled, he played computer games and listened to S Club 7.”

Johnson added: “I haven’t had my world shaken like this since the last time I found out a serial killer was a quiet type who kept himself to himself, as opposed to inviting everyone round for murder parties.”