Leaders of North and South Korea exchange duty free

A HISTORIC moment has taken place as the leaders of North and South Korea exchanged duty free gifts in the demilitarised zone.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was given 200 Marlboro Lights in a carrier bag by South Korean president Moon Jae-in, greatly reducing tensions in the region.

In return, the South Korean leader received a giant Toblerone, a bottle of Gordon’s gin and a plastic M&Ms figurine.

Both leaders remained tactful and diplomatic during the meeting, at one point opening the cigarettes and having a fag break.

Jae-in said: “I am indebted to Kim Jong-un for his embrace of diplomacy on this historic day, and for the bottle of Gordon’s. It is a one-litre bottle and in my country you can only get 70cl.

“I know he got two for 20 quid, but I don’t mind that. He’s probably saving the other one for Donald.”