Russian troll struggling to be more bigoted than typical internet user

A RUSSIAN professional troll is finding it hard to be more bigoted than British online commenters who do it for free, he has revealed.

Despite being paid to stir up trouble on news websites, Alexander Petrov’s posts are never more furious and unhinged than genuine opinions on topics like immigration and the EU.

St Petersburg-based Petrov said: “My job is to post lies and propaganda to weaken Europe, but sometimes I wonder why I bother with all these twats spouting rubbish themselves.

“Yesterday I lied that the EU wanted uncontrolled immigration, but then ‘Wigan Lass’ posted ‘Nuke the Brussels NAZIS + every foreign shitehole then invent a disease that only kills the French!!!’ She got 280 ‘recommends’ and I only got 11.

“Today I was defending Putin by saying we need strong leaders, but when I got to Spectator comments I discovered they already love him, although he was ‘not as good as Hitler’.

“After that I thought ‘fuck it’ and claimed the Queen was going to start wearing a burqa. Lots of Daily Mail readers said ‘Nice one for telling the truth, mate’.

“I’m only doing this for the money and had hoped to visit the UK one day, but after finding out how many ignorant wankers live there I think I’ll give it a miss.”