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We will give every child a pack of fags on their 15th birthday, says Labour

THE opposition has defied the government’s smoking ban by pledging to give every child a pack of 20 cigarettes on their 15th birthday.

As MPs prepare to vote on Rishi Sunak’s controversial Tobacco and Vapes Bill which will see anyone under 15 unable to buy cigarettes for life, Keir Starmer has promised to help the younger generation onto the nicotine ladder.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “Our children deserve the same opportunities as their parents and grandparents, and that includes sparking up a Marlboro Gold while bunking off maths.

“Under a Labour government, whatever your background, whatever your opportunities, every 15-year-old will awake on their special day to a box of tabs on the doormat. Imagine their faces lighting up.

“It’s at no cost to the taxpayer because tobacco manufacturers have generously offered to provide the fags for free, and if they go on to become lifelong smokers they’ll pay millions in duty.

“Think of it as Computers for Schools vouchers, Sure Start, and a sober warning about lung cancer all rolled into one. Will children be deterred from smoking because it’s government-approved? Who knows. But it’s an election year and we have to try.”

Wayne Hayes of Ditchling said: “Finally, a noticeable difference between Labour and the Tories. They’ve got my vote.”