BMW driver ‘actually a pretty decent bloke’ claim two people

A MAN who drives a BMW is ‘sort of an okay person, once you get to know him’, it has been claimed by two people.

Martin Bishop, 43, described by both his wife and a friend as ‘not all that bad, really’, drives a BMW 6 Series, which he has named ‘Tiffany’.

Bishop’s friend Nathan Muir said: “He got me a birthday card last week and bought me a beer. Not at all what you’d expect considering he drives like an absolute fucking prick.”

Bishop’s wife, Justine said: “Martin is a great husband and father. He always helps the kids with the homework and he does his fair share around the house.

“The minute he sits in that driver’s seat, which he calls the ‘cockpit’ for some reason, he becomes a bit insufferable. Other than that he’s really quite nice. Or am I deluding myself? Is it all the wine?”

Bishop was unavailable for comment as he was ‘too busy giving Tiffany a good hosing down’.