Wednesday, 30th September 2020

Man committed to reaching ticket machine without opening car door

A DRIVER is committed to reaching a car park ticket machine without leaving his car or opening the door, no matter the cost. 

With cars lining up behind him, shopper Stephen Malley has pledged to get the ticket in the machine from as close to a seated position as possible.

Straining through his open window, Malley said: “I don’t need to get out. If I lean right up against the door, tear every muscle in my arm and p*ss off the 30 other drivers waiting behind me it should be just fine.

“I’m touching the slot. Come on, get in there, you f*cker.

“I suppose I could cut short this ridiculous charade and just hop out of the car, but that would be giving up. It’s a matter of pride now. A man’s pride.” 

Prior to leaving the car park, Malley had circled for over 20 minutes to get a space nearer to the supermarket he was visiting, before doing his shopping in a completely random fashion that wasted loads of time.