Thursday, 29th October 2020

Man heroically assembles flatpack using instructions

A MAN has somehow managed to construct a small piece of flatpack furniture using the instructions that came with it.

Tom Booker, who is not a professional carpenter or engineer, put together the wooden desk using a step-by-step guide provided by the manufacturer, assembling the item in a mere four hours.

Booker explained: “I bought the item off the website and it arrived in its box, not fully formed, but in all sorts of random bits. 

“But I had no intention of giving up. Using all my strength and ingenuity I consulted the numbered list in the box, slotting the pieces of wood together and screwing them in with the equipment provided. 

“A lesser man might have called a local tradesman or his dad, but I persevered on my own. I used everything I learned in Year 8 Woodwork to make this fantastic desk, all by myself.”

Booker plans to use his impressive construction to house his laptop and some biros, and now intends to pursue even more ambitious DIY projects, such as a small book case or spice rack.

He said: “I’ve really caught the bug. When you’ve got the natural flair of a brilliant civil engineer and a list of simple instructions a child could follow, you can achieve anything.”