Saturday, 26th September 2020

Woman lasts three days in lockdown before deciding to cut her own hair

A WOMAN made it just three days into lockdown before deciding to cut her own hair for entertainment.

Nikki Hollis had cleaned her whole house, alphabetically ordered the spice drawer and watched 19 episodes of Masterchef when she thought it would be a good idea to give her hair ‘a bit of a trim’.

Hollis said: “Never again will I think cutting hair looks easy. It took two snips to my fringe before I looked like Worzel Gummidge after a night on the scrumpy.

“I tried to even it out by cutting the sides a bit shorter but the more I cut the more uneven it became and the more I had to cut it.

“It was an inescapable vicious circle that only ended when my husband found me. He said I looked so terrible his first thought was to call a doctor, if he’d been able to. 

“It’s a good job there’s a lockdown because I can’t leave the house for at least six weeks now.”

Hollis added: “I’ll have a bash at cutting the children’s hair though. It doesn’t matter if they look stupid.”