Ex-boyfriend has nerve to find happiness with someone else

A WOMAN is furious that her ex-boyfriend, who she has not spoken to since 2019, has had the audacity to find love with another woman.

Nikki Hollis stumbled across photos of Tom Booker with the woman on his Instagram, just 45 minutes after setting up a burner account under a false name, and was horrified to discover he was married.

She said: “How dare he? Just three years and eight months after we broke up, and he’s over it, moved on, met someone else, proposed, and actually tied the knot?

“And having the audacity to flaunt it on his locked account. He’s probably doing it just to get at me. Do you think he’s had sex with her? I hope not.

“If you zoom on their faces he doesn’t look content. The smile seems forced. And they’ve got a sweet cart at the wedding which was my idea, so he’s definitely done that to spite me.

“I’m over him. Long over. But I’m just not someone you can forget that easily, especially because he was so besotted with me, so this whole thing is on the rebound and it’ll last maybe six months.

“I just don’t think he should be happy, that’s all. I think even he would agree that he doesn’t deserve it.”

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People who couldn't give a f**k about tennis delighted Djokovic lost

ORDINARY people who do not give the slightest bugger about tennis are nonetheless rejoicing in Djokovic’s dramatic loss yesterday. 

The pantomime villain was deprived of some record or other by a younger challenger who will only be remembered for f**king up that prick’s march to glory and not before time.

Nathan Muir of Hereford, who only saw the Australian Open in round-ups on the news, said: “Hah. That’ll show the bastard.

“I didn’t mind Federer or Nadal’s epic rivalry, which I accidentally read about once, and obviously Andy Murray I liked because he was British. Did he win it one time or two?

“But Djokovic’s one of those rare characters who’s so dislikeable he’s transcended his sport. The anti-vaxx stuff, the personality, and hailing from the country responsible for Europe’s most recent genocides all adds up.

“So hearing he got thrashed in the semis was one of those great sporting moments which brings everyone together. I wish I could have seen his face, but I don’t watch tennis.”

Muir added: “God, I hope he doesn’t use this as motivation to pick himself up and come back even stronger. He’s exactly that sort of twat.”