Friday, 4th December 2020

Husband sues wife for disastrous lockdown haircut

A HUSBAND is suing his wife for breach of contract and personal injury after she gave him a calamitous haircut during lockdown.

Martin Bishop was left with lacerations to his ear, bald patches and psychological scarring, according to papers filed with his lawyer.

Bishop said: “It wasn’t until I was sat on a chair in the bathroom and she had the scissors out that she started saying things like ‘I don’t actually know what I’m doing’.

“It wasn’t like in the hairdresser’s where they treat you nicely. She kept pointing out stuff like ‘it’s getting very thin here’ and ‘God, you’re horribly grey, aren’t you?’

“She didn’t even brush away the hair on my neck at the end, but instead gave me the broom and told me to clear the bloody mess up myself. I was virtually in tears.”

Helen Bishop said: “If he thinks this has ruined his life, wait until we get to the divorce proceedings.”