Sunday, 16th February 2020

Newly co-habiting couple brought to brink by argument about laundry basket

A COUPLE who moved in together last week are on the brink of splitting up after a disagreement about how much to spend on a laundry basket.

Nikki Hollis and Joe Turner have got their own place after 18 months of dating and now find themselves locked in battle between her interior design style of deconstructed shabby chic and his ‘whatever’s in Wilko’ approach.

Hollis said: “I thought we’d discussed the big things, like dividing bills, whose phone charger goes where, putting the toilet seat down. I did not see this coming.

“How can he not see that a black nylon ‘pop-up’ laundry basket will ruin the whole feel of the bedroom for me and make me not want to be in there, let alone have sex?”

Turner said: “I’m not spending £70 for a grey felt one from John Lewis. It’s for putting your dirty pants in.

“I’m willing to compromise and go up to say £15, but this isn’t a statement piece of furniture. It goes in a corner of the bedroom. I think we can cope with wicker.”

The couple can now expect to have a number of challenging conversations about what size TV is necessary, if a Star Wars figurine is an ornament and whether the whole concept of a ‘toilet book’ is indeed disgusting.