They didn’t bring you a little treat back from the shops: six major relationship red flags

THOUGHT cheating was bad? Wait until you hear about these extreme acts which could easily destroy any relationship.

Not buying you a treat from the shops

You might not have asked for one, but that doesn’t matter. Not picking up your favourite sweeties or a nice coffee when visiting a supermarket is a crime that puts your relationship on very rocky ground. Everyone deserves to be fed constant nibbles from their partner as if they were a precious little hamster.

Watching a TV show without you

Reading your WhatsApps? Fair. Opening your email? Understandable. But desecrating the sanctity of your joint Disney Plus account by watching Only Murders in the Building without you? Unforgivable. So what if you were busy? They should sit alone in the darkness, rather than risk having a single experience without you.

Putting their cold feet on you

Relationships should be a safe space, free from the horrors of the outside world. A person who genuinely cares about your wellbeing would never knowingly make you uncomfortable and that includes an icy assault at bedtime. Equal distribution of assets in a relationship does not apply to heat. If they have to lose a toe to frostbite, so be it.

Trying to dissuade you from ordering a takeaway

Some people might say that a partner who offers to cook deliciously healthy food for you is a keeper. But they would be wrong. Anyone who denies your craving for a Dominos and points out that you’ll just moan about feeling fat after is not fit to share a life with. They can take their self-improvement goals elsewhere.

Rolling onto your side of the bed

Boundaries are important in a relationship, and none more so than the one demarcating your side of the bed. Crossing that line is breaking an important treaty and justifiably a reason for World War III. Like a tiger, you should defend your territory, and report them to The Hague.

Falling asleep before you

You wouldn’t walk up a hill and leave them sweating behind at the bottom, so why should they get to drift off into sweet dreams while you toss and turn? Someone who revels in such an extreme power imbalance is a walking red flag. Their nighttime behaviours are unfair and thoughtless, and kicking them in the shin to rectify this is just clearly stating your needs.

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Couple wants to know why you're doing literally anything in same year they're getting married 

A COUPLE are keen to know why you would organise an event or big life change when you know very well that they are getting married this year. 

Joe Turner and Sophie Rodriguez are furious that other people are having babies, finding new jobs or getting engaged when everybody’s attention should be on their upcoming wedding.

Rodriguez said: “What the hell do they think they’re doing? It’s massively disrespectful for them to continue living their lives.

“The fact that my cousin will be five months pregnant during the most important day of my life is yet another attempt by selfish people in my family to steal my thunder.

“Why couldn’t she just stop trying for a year or so? Let me have my moment before she has hers? It’s not that much to ask, even if she has had fertility trouble or whatever.”

Friend Francesca Johnson says the couple’s attitude has encouraged her to try to upstage the event by any means necessary.

She commented: “I’m going to get my boyfriend to propose as they walk down the aisle, pretend to go into labour when they cut the cake, and announce that I have three months to live during the first dance.

“Hopefully that will be enough but, if not, I’ll also spill the beans on the groom’s affair.”