Tuesday, 4th August 2020

Airport worker almost forgets to add the chemtrails

A MAN who refuels commercial jets has admitted he almost forgot to add the mind controlling chemicals.

Aircraft maintenance technician Wayne Hayes revealed he only remembered at the last minute to pour the big jug full of stuff into the plane’s fuel tank.

The substance will be sprayed out the back of the plane in a ‘hidden’ bright white line of steam you can see from 40,000 feet away and will make you believe everything the ‘deep state’ wants you to believe.

Hayes said: “I’d have been in a real pickle if I forgot. The secret government cabal that provides them to every airport without the public finding out would have given me a right bollocking.

“The last person who sent a plane off with just normal fuel was sent to the secret Illuminati jail under St Paul’s Cathedral. No thanks.”