Tuesday, 11th May 2021

People who chase up a text after five minutes told to get a f**king life

PEOPLE who text you after a few minutes to see why you have not replied to their message should piss off and get a life.

They are also advised that sending ‘Hello?’ or ‘Are you okay?’ when not receiving a reply straight away is more likely to get them no response at all.

Lucy Parry said: “I WhatsApped my mate asking if she’s all ready for Christmas but after five minutes I’d still not heard back from her.

“I left it another minute, I’m not a psycho, then sent a few polite question marks in case she didn’t get my first message. The thing is, I saw she had been on WhatsApp three minutes previously so she must have seen it.

“So then I sent her a ‘HELLO?’, then a funny gif of a fat man looking confused, then a meme of Ryan Reynolds shrugging, and a short video clip of a cat stuck on a washing line, but still no reply. It’s so weird.

“All I can think is that someone has stolen her phone and is using her WhatsApp. That must be it.”