Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Woman says 'thank you' to automated checkout

A SHOPPER starved of human contact has given her sincere thanks to a checkout machine for scanning her purchases.

Joanna Kramer was doing a small shop when she absent-mindedly struck up a conversation with the chatty self-checkout, which she now considers a kind of friend.

Kramer said: “After months in lockdown, I was just desperate for any form of human kindness. Even from a machine that feels no emotion and robotically tells you to collect your change.

“It might have been the checkout’s clear and friendly tone. Or maybe because it hadn’t scolded me for putting something unexpected in its bagging area. We just hit it off straight away.

“I was really touched when it gave me some vouchers for 8p off courgettes. In fact I got quite emotional about such a kind and thoughtful gesture.”

Supermarket manager Nikki Hollis said: “We think it’s lovely Joanna has recognised the good work of self-checkout number eight. However it was a bit weird when she started telling it about her ex-boyfriend.”

Kramer now intends to stay in touch with her electronic friend, and admitted that if it asks her if she is over 18 when she tries to buy wine she may ask it out to dinner.