Monday, 8th March 2021

£10 for a book of f**king stamps, and other modern rip-offs

YEARNING for the halcyon days when you didn’t get ripped off every time you stepped outside your front door? Take a – free – trip down Memory Lane.

Going to the dentist

It’s hard to believe dental care used to be free on the NHS. Now it’s 40 quid to shine a light into your mouth and God help you if you need some work done. Far better to just let your gnashers fall out naturally, and spend some of the fortune you save on a swanky blender so you can just puree your meals into a manageable mush.

Camping holidays

It used to be the ultimate low-budget getaway – a flimsy tent from the Army and Navy Stores and a fiver’s rent for a corner of a farmer’s cold, wet field. Now it’s all glamping pods, tree houses and outdoor hot tubs, costing as much as going abroad. If anyone sees you cowering in a tent now they’ll probably come back with a Costa coffee and a sandwich because they’re think you’re homeless.


Gone are the days when you could fuel your dirt-cheap dirty habit by buying a pack of 10 for a couple of quid, or even ‘singles’ from unscrupulous shopkeepers on the way to school. Today, odds are that after forking out the best part of 15 quid for a pack of 20 you’ll find yourself smoking half of them outside the shop to calm your trembling hands. A habit of 40-a-day is now pretty much the preserve of the rich, like eating beluga caviar every day.


Used to be a penny, or 2p to go posh and get first class. Now it’s £10.20 for a minimum of 20, two of which you are forced into using for a birthday and Christmas card for the ageing relative who will be mortally offended if you forget. The rest can sit in the cupboard drawer along with all your other unused household crap.