£70k a year nothing, factory workers agree

A GROUP of Burnley factory workers have agreed that nobody on £70,000 a year can really be considered ‘rich’. 

The men, who hold minimum wage line operator positions at a engineering firm, have reacted to Labour’s threat to tax the ‘rich’ earning £70,000 or more a year with incredulity.

Roy Hobbs, aged 55, said: “Where are they getting their average income figures? 1975?

“With those kind of earnings, assuming your spouse’s earnings are roughly equivalent, you’re going to get a mortgage of £450k, tops. That goes nowhere in this market.

Co-worker Wayne Hayes said: “And don’t forget school fees. Knock those off, couple of decent foreign holidays a year, you’d be struggling to build an investment portfolio.”

Norman Steele agreed: “Your £70k a year, they’re these just-about-managing that Theresa May knows about. The last thing they can cope with is more tax.

“These Labour politicians need to get their heads out of their arses and live in the real world.”