91 per cent of fringes regretted immediately

OVER 90 per cent of all fringes are instantly regretted, it has emerged.

Researchers at the Institute for Studies found that more than half of new fringe-havers burst into tears right outside the hairdresser’s, and almost all spent hours afterwards anxiously trying to restyle it into a different shape.

Accountant Nikki Hollis said: “I thought a fringe would be boho and cool, but I looked like a cross between a primary school pupil and a vengeful ghost in a Japanese horror film.

“I’ve been growing it out for 18 months now and it’s still nowhere near gone. It’s basically ruined my life.”

The most profound regret was among those who had opted to cut their own fringes or, worse, allowed a friend to give it a bash.

Frequently cited problems with the style included “mad sticky-up hair” which would not sit flat; turning the wearer’s forehead into a greasy playground for acne and feeling a bit like someone is tickling your face all the fucking time.

Experts found that the next most commonly lamented hair-related decisions were thinking you could pull off a pixie cut, and ever going anywhere near Sun-In.