Absolute arse telling people ‘its’ should be spelt ‘it’s’

A POMPOUS idiot is encouraging other people to adopt his horrendous punctuation, it has emerged.

Retired engineer Norman Steele insists on ‘correcting’ others both online and in real life, while strangely believing he is one of the few properly educated people left in Britain.

Steele said: “In the sentence ‘The dog ate it’s dinner’ the dinner belongs to the dog so it should be ‘it’s’ with a possessive apostrophe. Schoolboy errors like that just make you look like an idiot.

“I blame primary schools where it’s all transgender lessons and Marxism these days. How are those children going to learn how to digest facts and reach an informed opinion?

“People who can’t spell ‘it’s’ are everywhere on the internet. They keep saying I’m the one who’s wrong but that just makes me laugh at their lack of education. Ignorance truly is bliss.”

Internet user Emma Bradford said: “Some twat on the Guardian website wouldn’t accept ‘its’ doesn’t have an apostrophe, even when I pointed out I was a professional proofreader.

“But then again he was arguing that 12-year-olds should do National Service.”