Monday, 25th May 2020

Audible gasp in Waitrose cafe as woman arrives without KeepCup

A WOMAN who really needed a coffee faced public humiliation after trying to order at a Waitrose cafe without a reusable cup.

As Francesca Johnson reached the counter there was an audible gasp and several really loud tuts.

Johnson attempted to blame her crime on ‘feeling a bit poorly and being late for a meeting’ before begging for a disposable cup ‘just this once’.

Tom Logan, who was two places behind Johnson in the queue, said: “She seems to think she’s above the law. It’s particularly evil because there are some really nice KeepCups now, with Cath Kidston prints and everything.”

A tearful Johnson was forced to do the walk of shame to the KeepCup aisle to buy a replacement.

She said: “They only had those dull bamboo cups in stock, not the pretty, collapsible silicone ones. I had to buy one so ugly that I’ll never use it again.

“Take that, judgy queue.”