Monday, 25th May 2020

Are you struggling to take off your pyjamas?

PYJAMAS are delightfully easy to put on but require almost impossible strength of will to take off. Take our test to see if you're managing to get out of yours: 

Are you still in your pyjamas because without them you feel raw, vulnerable and cold and it would be just be very horrible and you’re not ready for it?

Are you in the kitchen making breakfast, even though your previous meal was also breakfast, and noticing a musty smell that could be described as ‘dry dog?’

Are you struggling to find a pair of brogues that go with loose, brushed-cotton tartan?

When exiting the house are you suddenly very aware of the temperature and your lack of insulating layers?

Are you very conscious that all your bits are visibly jiggling around on your walk to work?

Are you trying to kid yourself that pajama bottoms can pass for smart striped summer trousers?

Was your entire journey to work just an idle daydream as you lay back on the sofa trying to find the motivation to leave it?


Mostly YES: You are still in your pyjamas. It does not look like you will be out of your pyjamas anytime soon.

Mostly NO: You are not in pyjamas, and are already keenly regretting this.