Britain dares Charles to block legislation

PRINCE Charles should try blocking legislation, just to see what happens, it was claimed last night.

As it emerged the Prince has been asked to give his consent to a series of parliamentary bills, Britain said they would absolutely love it if he said no.

Roy Hobbs, from Doncaster, said: “I’ve been waiting for an excuse and this one would have a rich, historical precedent.

“It would make me feel as if I had some constitutional significance, like Oliver Cromwell, rather than just being someone who wants to beat up a hippy.”

He added: “When we topple him, I’d like the Aston Martin. And then I’ll reconvert so it runs on petrol again, just to annoy him.”

Helen Archer, from Stevenage, said: “I’m a bit pissed off just now anyway, what with all the ‘stuff’ that’s happening, so an arrogant prince of the realm using parliament as his plaything would really be the icing on the cake, you know, revolution-wise.

“I reckon we should also make a list of all the government ministers who asked for his consent. I like the idea of ‘show trials’. Gives the whole thing a bit of razzmatazz.

“We could stage them in a West End theatre and everyone could have a coach trip to London.

“Watch a monarchist lickspittle be dragged off to the gallows, couple of tunes from Mick Hucknall and then main course and pudding at the Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse.”

She added: “Wouldn’t arrest the Queen though. She’s lovely. I’d give her a boat ticket to Canada and a two hour head start.”


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