Cryptic Facebook post fails to attract any pandering comments

A CRYPTIC Facebook post about ‘fake people’ has failed to achieve a single reaction, it has been revealed.

Nikki Hollis posted: “funny how fake ppl smile in yr face but laugh behind yr back !!”, but it has been studiously ignored by every one of her 1,056 Facebook friends.

Hollis added wrote a mysterious paragraph accusing unnamed people of being ‘snakes’ and followed it up with a ‘Minions’ meme suggesting she was the victim of a betrayal.

Hollis’ friend Helen Archer said: “After she set her status as ‘sum ppl only let u down, takes the piss !!’, I messaged to check up on her. Turns out the postman had left a delivery out in the rain. I haven’t bothered since then.

“Anyway I’m not really her friend, I’m her cousin’s friend. I’ve only met her once and I honestly wish I hadn’t.”

Hollis said her next move would be to post a quote wrongly attributed to Marilyn Monroe that would allude to people ignoring her on social media.