Everyone waiting for bit of conversation where they get to talk

EVERYONE in every conversation is actually just waiting for the other person to shut up so they can talk, research has found. 

A survey found that while nobody wants to hear other people blathering on about their dull lives, everybody is more than happy to enlighten others about their own.

Nikki Hollis, from Colchester, said: “It’s so rude when people obliviously monologue about themselves. It’s like, when will it be my go to do exactly the same thing?

“When I ask my friends how they are, I don’t actually want to know the answer; I want them to say ‘fine, thanks’ so we can change the subject back to me.”

Tom Booker agreed: “In theory I should pay attention to what people say, because it could be about me, but I need to make sure my next bit’s ready so I just frown and nod.

“After all I’m the main attraction, so I need to plan how I’ll enthrall them when they finally shut the fuck up.”