Kid who screamed for two hours because he didn’t want the blue cup resents implication he’s tired

A BOY who lost his shit because his mum gave him juice in the blue cup and not the green cup claims he is not in the slightest bit tired.  

Two-year-old David Hollis later flew into a rage because his toast was the wrong way round and he did not want to wear a coat.

Hollis said: “I do not appreciate my genuine concerns being dismissed as just ‘tiredness’.

“Sure, I might have asked for the blue cup at the time of drink pouring, but I am perfectly within my rights to change my mind.

“I am not tired at all, I am just a kid who wants to drink from a green cup. In fact, the only thing I am tired of is people not listening to me.

“Well that and when they don’t let me play with the kitchen knives or they make me wear a stupid hat, the bastards.

“I feel so oppressed. I need to lie down.”