Boyfriend has six pairs of Nike Air Max and two pairs of underpants

A MAN who has six pairs of Nike Air Max trainers has only two pairs of underpants, his girlfriend has confirmed. 

Tom Logan, aged 29, recently added a £130 pair of Air Max 95s to his collection after spotting them on eBay, and recently lost a pair of underpants after an accident on a night out.

Girlfriend Helen Archer said: “He recognises that it’s a problem, and says he’s buying a three-pack when he gets paid.

“How can a man survive on two pairs of underpants? It’s not like he’s doing a daily wash. And one of them’s like a spiderweb at the crotch.

“Meanwhile he’s Instagramming his trainers every morning and getting loads of likes. Are they all like him? Is every man with plum suede trainers going commando? It’s horrifying.”

Logan said: “What’s even the point of underpants? Nobody sees them.”