Sunday, 25th October 2020

Man drives 30 miles out of his way to pay 5p less for petrol

A DRIVER with an eye for a bargain made a 30-mile detour to fill his tank at a petrol station with fractionally cheaper prices.

Flying in the face of both common sense and basic maths, Tom Logan genuinely believes the trip made him an impressive saving.

He said: “I’ve found a way to beat the system. I can’t tell you the sense of satisfaction it gives me to know I’m outsmarting everyone.

“When I think of the mugs who pull into a service station just because it happens to be on the way to where they’re going I feel sorry for them. But also superior.” 

When challenged about the extra petrol costs of the detour, Logan said: “It’s a question of principle. The important thing is that I’m not being ripped off. Convenience isn’t the key thing here.”

Logan’s wife Sarah said: “Convenience absolutely is the key thing here. And money. I’ve tried to explain but he seems to think he’s a modern-day highwayman in a Toyota Corolla.”

Logan added: “The feeling I get if I find myself driving past the cheap place anyway is the biggest high of my life.”