Man who believes in traditional gender roles wearing pink shirt

AN ‘old fashioned’ man with strict beliefs about how the sexes should behave also enjoys wearing pink shirts.

Julian Cook, 55, thinks women should be wives and mothers, boys should play rugby and girls should dress like princesses, but also enjoys wearing pink.

Cook said: “All this gender neutral business that’s going on at the moment is ridiculous. In my day, boys were boys, girls were girls and the only person who was somewhere in between was Dame Edna Everage.

 “I can wear pink because I’m a real man who also likes steam engines. However, if I liked knitting it would make me effeminate and gay, even if I were heterosexual, because those are the rules.

 “Also, it’s fine to cry at songs about war or the monarchy, but not about feelings. I know this because a vicar told me. He was actually wearing a frock at the time but he’s allowed to because God said he could.

“So it seems pretty clear to me that these traditions are biologically immutable and haven’t just been made as we go along.”