Middle-class man blessed with ability to communicate with tradesmen

A WELL-TO-DO man has amazed friends by being able to communicate with his builders as easily as if they were from his own social class. 

Julian Cook, a partner in a law firm, shocked guests at a lunch party by stepping outside for a conversation with an electrician which was entirely bereft of awkwardness on both sides.

Friend Tom Logan said: “Julian is the tradesman whisperer. It’s an incredible skill he has.

“First they discussed the work he’s doing, then they moved onto Arsenal under Unai Emery, then segued into a brief discussion about Brexit during which Julian made a joke and the man laughed.

“I repeat: he joked about Brexit with a member of the working classes. I would sooner throw myself on a landmine, but he nonchalantly did it then strolled back in like it was nothing.”

Electrician Steve Malley said: “Yeah, Julian’s alright. He doesn’t drop his accent, he doesn’t call me mate, he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than the posh wanker he is and that suits me fine.

“Besides we share the same accountant so he knows that, after tax, I earn the same as he does.”