Nobody wants sweets from bowl in gran’s living room

A FAMILY is trying to work out why none of them want to touch the hard-boiled sweets in a bowl at their gran’s house.

Siblings Nikki and Tom Booker tried to resolve the issue while visiting 83-year-old grandmother Helen, who keeps a bowl of brown, wrapper-less sweets on her coffee table for visitors.

Tom said: “I know I should want one because they’re sweets. It’s just somehow as if they’ve been sucked and spat out. I know that’s unlikely, but I’ve always avoided them on the off-chance.”

Nikki said: “For me it’s the sheer length of time the bowl has been there. It’s been a fixture since we were kids and I’m 34. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take a sweet and I can’t help but think she’s never replaced them.”

Tom was also concerned that the sweets had a layer of unidentified fur, possibly cat hair or something the sweets had grown themselves. Nikki added that they looked “a bit like they’re secretly medicine”.

Gran Helen Booker said: “For heaven’s sake. If they don’t want to eat their sweets from the bowl I’ve got plenty more at the bottom of my handbag.”