Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Parents explain younger sibling is just more creative

THE parents of two adult siblings have explained that they have to fund the younger one’s unconventional lifestyle because he is more creative. 

Roy and Yvonne Hobbs told daughter Ruth, 28, that 25-year-old son Joe still lives at home with a car and an allowance because he wants to be a famous drummer and his talent must be indulged.

Ruth said: “Mum said Joe can’t be expected to do stuff that would stifle his genius like getting out of bed before midday or working in an office environment.

“At times I’ve failed to appreciate it and become annoyed at him smoking spliffs at the end of the garden then sitting in front of the PlayStation asking mum for a cooked breakfast.

“But now I understand that, unlike the rest of us automatons, he is a creative spirit and simply not able to tolerate an oppressive, mundane life of commuting in the dark to a job to pay for his own rent and food.

“I stand corrected.”