Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

Parents sobbing tears of joy at Back to School display in M&S

A GROUP of parents have been unable to hold back their tears of delight at the Back to School display in a Marks & Spencer.

The uniform aisle has become a place of pilgrimage for parents seeking solace in the fact that soon their beloved children will be someone else’s problem.

Mum of four Susan Traherne said: “There’s no more soothing combination of words in the English language than ‘Back to School’. Or ‘Back 2 Skool’, I’m not fussy.

“Any time I get a spare minute I slip to Marks’s and just stand there, gazing at the mannequins in school uniforms, picturing how sweet that moment will be.

“I’m never alone. There’s always at least one other haggard soul clutching overpriced PE kit, muttering ‘we took them all the way to Italy and they just stared at their phones’. We feel the same pain.”

Eight-year-old Ryan Traherne said: “I found a kind of ‘Back to School’ advent calendar in mum’s room with every day since I broke up crossed off on it.

“For September 2nd there’s a little door with a miniature bottle of gin inside.”