Parks haunted by mirage of pretty girls playing good-natured game of rounders

BRITAIN’S parks have once again been visited by mythical laughing girls inviting men to join them for a light-hearted rounders match. 

The girls, who witnesses have described as being young, carefree, and barefoot, appear to lone men and tell them they just need one more player to make up a team.

The men then leave their briefcases and jackets behind them on the grass and go to join the game after which they are never heard from again.

Fortean Times editor Julian Cook said: “Are the men consumed? Or do they live forever on another plane, basking in the tinkling giggles and the girlish claps of these student-age sirens as they score another hit?

“One thing is certain: to tired, sweating men, weighed down by their responsibilities, these untroubled girls-next-door in their simple vest tops are a temptation that cannot be resisted.”

Stephen Malley of Ludlow said: “I saw them once. Their white teeth twinkling through the trees, they called to me to play but as I ran I tripped over a tree root, and when I opened my eyes they’d gone.

“And I had to return to my life. My stupid, rubbish life.”