Racist nan mixes it up with rant about ‘trannies’

A RACIST grandmother threw a rant about trans rights into her usual Christmas diatribe.

73-year-old Margaret Gerving freshened things up with topical material including a lengthy tirade on gender-neutral children being given hormones by their teachers.

She said: “You’ve got to shock your audience out of their post-dinner stupor, and stories about the shameful things what Uncle Albert saw ‘them’ doing in Ceylon don’t have the impact.

“At least when I chirp something about gender fluidity they want to know where I’m going with it. I really enjoyed winding up the grandkids with my ‘they don’t know if they’re Arthur or Martha these days’.”

She added: “The novelty value then drags them in before they realise the full horror of my views. It keeps me young.”