Self-employed woman goes to weird pretend office with total strangers

A WOMAN who could work at home rents a desk in a building full of strangers instead, it has emerged.

Marketing consultant Emma Bradford goes to a trendy office space called ‘the Hub’ where she pays the building’s owners to let her do boring work, instead of the other way round.

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “I thought part of the appeal of being self-employed was avoiding all the grief of working in an office, so basically Emma’s paying to rejoin the rat race.

“I realise there are fewer distractions than at home, but maybe you aren’t cut out to run your own business if you can’t manage not to eat Kit Kats in front of the telly all day.”

Bradford said: “Going to the office really motivates me, except when I’m knackered from the unnecessary commute and have to go to sleep at my desk for a bit.

“It also gives a structure to the day, just like when I worked for a big company and hated it.

“I could use the daily £25 fee to help pay my mortgage, but then I’d miss out on a man who might be called Gary complaining about the lack of toilet paper.”