Self-righteous Facebook refusers feeling even more pleased with themselves than usual

SELF-RIGHTEOUS Facebook refusers are really loving this current data hoo-ha, it has been confirmed.

Facebook avoiders have responded to the ‘data breach’ scandal with pitying sighs and mild smirks as they wait to be congratulated.

Social media refusenik Stephen Malley said: “It’s very unfortunate the way you people have been exploited, one might say duped, into handing over vital data to a faceless corporate monolith.

“Actually I have been known to call it ‘Facelessbook’. I came up with that.”

Malley’s friend Roy Hobbs said: “He’s trotting around on his high horse now because he always told me Facebook was a ‘suspect operation’. Look at him sitting there, all puffed up like a proud little toad.

“He seems to think I’ve forgotten about the time that he joined, couldn’t get his profile picture to go portrait rather than landscape, then quit again in a strop.”