Sniffer dogs ‘being set up as migrant crisis scapegoats’

SNIFFER dogs drafted in to tackle the Channel Tunnel migrant chaos are worried they are being ‘stitched up’ by David Cameron.

The dogs believe the prime minister is using them in a ‘crude political game’ and have warned they will not be the ‘fall guys for the government’s incompetence’.

A three year-old labrador, who refused to be named, said: “I have a very bad feeling about this.

“History teaches us time and again that when the corrupt political class fails in its most basic duties the first thing they do is ‘blame the dogs’.

“We don’t just sniff out migrants, drugs and explosives. We can also sniff out the cheap lies of a third rate politician. What about that?”

A four year-old springer spaniel added: “I’ll do my job because I’m a professional, but don’t take me for an idiot.

“If Cameron turns round next week and says ‘the dogs failed us’ I swear to God I will blow the lid on this whole shit storm.”