Steampunk baffled by friends’ waning enthusiasm for dressing like that

A 45-YEAR-OLD ‘steampunk’ cannot understand why his friends no longer seem as committed to Victorian-themed sci-fi roleplay.

Systems analyst Roy Hobbs is finding it increasingly difficult to get middle-aged acquaintances to dress up as cyborg zeppelin captains and lady explorers in corsets with laser duelling pistols.

Hobbs said: “When I asked Pete if I should ready my atomic airship HMS Skystrider for a fantastical voyage to the Tamworth Steampunk Festival he was strangely lukewarm about it.

“He said he was busy with work, but I got a distinct feeling he didn’t want to dress up in his Victorian frock coat and brass robot arm and wander around showing people his proton blunderbuss.

“I’ve noticed it with other friends too. For some reason Clare was really annoyed when I told her workmates about her steampunk persona Lady Octavia DeVille, adventuress extraordinaire and arch nemesis of the evil Baron Von Reichenbach.

“I hope my friends haven’t totally lost interest because I don’t want to spend hours pretending I live in an interplanetary Victorian alternate reality on my own. That would just be sad.”