Two Waitrose shoppers trapped in endless ‘no, after you’ loop

TWO shoppers have become trapped in the doorway of their local Waitrose with both insisting the other goes through first.

The ‘no, after you’ loop involving Jane Thompson and Alice Gerving, is now into its third day at the Peterborough Waitrose, with friends and relatives working in shifts to supply the two women with water and snacks.

Thompson’s friend Janet Armstrong said: “Jane popped into Waitrose to pick up some asparagus and a stone baked rustique loaf. Just as a treat for the kids.

“It was all going incredibly well until she found herself approaching the exit at the same time as another woman. The loop began after approximately 20 seconds and here we are three days later.”

Gerving’s friend Hannah Roberts said: “Alice was raised with exceptional manners. Was she expected to just barge ahead of this woman? Or indeed was the other woman supposed to barge ahead of her?

“Is this a Tesco? Is this France?”

Armstrong added: “It is, of course, all incredibly friendly and good natured. I suspect they will be here until mid-September, which is about average in these situations.”