Vengeful toddler gets father into boring dad chat

A DISGRUNTLED toddler has drawn his father into a conversation with another dad just to watch him writhe in awkwardness.  

Two-year-old Roy Hobbs said: “I’ve become pretty savvy to my dad’s zero effort parenting. He literally drops me in the sand pit then he’s straight on the iPhone.

“He gets the internet, I get a bucket. Well not today mate.

“I saw this other dad who was just itching for chat but too socially awkward to get it going. I then ran off with his kid’s spade, sat back and watched the magic happen.

“Every time he tried to get back to his phone the other dad had more chat on bullshit like nap routines and low sugar breakfast options.

“The highlight was seeing him questioned on gender fluidity. He was really out at sea there; I loved every horrible minute of it.”   

Hobbs added: “I’ve done everything I can do with sand, I need more.”