Woman who absolutely hates Walking Dead very excited that it’s back on

A WOMAN who cannot stand zombie television series The Walking Dead is very excited that it’s back on television.

27-year-old Nikki Hollis said: “This programme is such a pile of toss.

“I’ve watched 100 hours of it and the last 50 hours was mostly men with beards threatening each other. I probably could have written a book during that time.

“That said, I’ll definitely be watching tonight. I cannot wait to see more of my favourite characters’ stories unfolding very slowly, and explosions that look like they were made by a kid on a GCSE special effects courses.

“Seems like I’m on board now until the bitter end. I’ll watch this programme until I die, then get resurrected as a zombie to keep watching it for all eternity, or until they kill off Daryl.”