We want their parking spaces too, say middle classes


BRITAIN’S middle classes have said that getting disabled people’s money is nice but they would also like their parking spaces if possible.

The £1.2 billion cut in disability benefits, spent on a tax cut for middle-class households, has the better-off hoping it is just the start.

Helen Archer of Reading said: “You should see how far I’m parked from Waitrose some days, while their spaces are all empty.

“And now they’ve got even less money — thank you for that by the way, we’re thinking a summerhouse — there’s even less point in them having pride of place.

“They could paint a symbol of perhaps a woman with a purse and money on it, to show those spots are reserved for people of means.”

She added: “Also my son Seth would like to play wheelchair basketball but he hasn’t got a wheelchair. And a lot of them don’t really need them.”