Sunday, 25th October 2020

When Britain claps it is excluding foreign NHS workers earning less than £25k pa, says Priti Patel

THE home secretary has confirmed that when the country comes together to clap for carers, they are tacitly excluding any foreign nationals below the £25,000 threshold. 

Following the passage of the points-based immigration bill which classes anyone earning below the threshold as ‘unskilled’, Priti Patel asserted that the applause was only ever for senior nurses, doctors or consultants.

She said: “If you are a non-British care worker, refuse collectors, porters or otherwise disposable, put your fingers in your ears at 8pm tomorrow. The clapping is not for you.

“As we have been at pains to make clear for the last decade low earners don’t really count as people, and therefore deserve sneering contempt instead of gratitude.

“Yes, currently they’re running our health service, supply chains, care homes and the rest while we’re fannying around with apps and graphs, but it’s a temporary aberration. They’re not of any worth long-term.

“So please ensure that your weekly tribute is only to the British-born or internationals claiming residence of £25k-plus quality, or you’ll be kicked out of the country too.”