Woman thrown out of bar for ordering non-artisan gin

A WOMAN has been ejected from a bar for not caring about the 400 different brands of gin on offer.

Nikki Hollis, an accountant from Clapham, arrived at the bar after a hard day at work and just wanted to be handed a very strong drink as soon as possible.

Hollis, 35, said: “The bartender made a big show of asking what type of gin I wanted. I said that Gordon’s was fine and he got all snooty and said they didn’t serve populist brands.

“He handed me a menu which was a very long list of irritating names and descriptions. One gin was described as ‘cutting edge’, which made me furious as it’s just a drink made from potatoes and berries that gets people wankered, no matter how many sprigs of lavender you put in it.”

She added: “In the end I told him that if he didn’t immediately give me a massive glass of cheap alcohol I’d punch him in the face.

“That’s when I got chucked out.”