Woman’s deeply spiritual lifestyle costs a f**king fortune

A WOMAN committed to finding a deeper meaning in life does so in extreme luxury with numerous trips to exotic places, it has emerged.

Investment banker Joanna Kramer only opts for mind-broadening experiences that are expensive and enjoyable, such as doing yoga on an idyllic beach in Thailand.

She said: “Spirituality requires effort. If you want to see the sun rise over a stunning mountain range you’ve got to book a luxury resort and get a four-hour flight to Marrakech.

“Even meditating at home needs the right environment, which I’ve created by building a massive conservatory that’s incredibly relaxing thanks to my Feng Shui consultant.

“The Japanese water features set me back £8,000, but it’s worth it to have a place where I can escape from the money-obsessed rat race.

“My most profound experience was swimming with dolphins in the Azores, and the five-star hotel was a great place to think about my life priorities over fresh seafood and cocktails.”

Kramer’s cleaner Mary Fisher said: “Apparently all this meditation helps re-balance her chakras after the weekly coke sessions with her rich city mates. It also makes me very mindful of how much I want to strangle her.”