Sunday, 18th April 2021

Woman’s handbag basically a dustbin with leather handles

A WOMAN’S designer leather handbag has gradually evolved into a crap-filled portable dustbin.

Emma Howard’s bag is so full of food wrappers, receipts, used tissues, crumbled face powder, tampons and other crap it takes her at least three hours to find her car keys.

Emma said: “I started off using it for a few chocolate wrappers when I couldn’t find a bin and it escalated from there.

“Next thing you know I was using it for everything…old shoes, flat tyres, a dead mouse the cat dragged in. I am pretty sure there’s a shopping trolley in there somewhere.

“I think the problem is that I really need a bigger bag.”

Emma’s, partner Tom, said: “I don’t understand how she can just carry a pile of sh*t around in her bag every day like it’s totally normal.

“She may as well use a bloody wheely bin.”