Worker reproduction to be made more affordable

WORKING humans are to receive financial assistance with the cost of breeding new additions to the labour pool.

Workers must make more workers

Workers must make workers

The government has announced £2,000 worth of help for each pair of workers that has reproduced in a move to safeguard the flow of new humans into the economy.

31-year-old female worker/breeder Mary Fisher said: “Our offspring is of pre-working age and thus economically not self-sufficient.

“It is very costly to place him in a supervision unit so that my partner and I can both fulfill our duty to the economy.

“Next year I plan to breed once more. Then we will have two non-workers to sustain.

“It is an expensive situation. However we acknowledge the need to regenerate the financial core using our genetic material.”

Fisher’s partner Roy Hobbs said: “I hope that one day soon sex will become obsolete and the system can be sustained by perfect humans made in breeding tanks.”

The leader said: “Be sure to feed your little pre-workers fresh food, it makes them stronger and more resilient.”