Russia angers West by recognising Villas-Boas as a football manager


RUSSIA has heightened tensions with the UK by supporting Andre Villas-Boas’s claim to be a football coach.

The news that Zenit Saint Petersburg had employed Villas-Boas as manager has been condemned as a ‘clear act of provocation’ by foreign secretary William Hague.

Hague said: “While a small minority does see Villas-Boas as a coach, appointing him as Zenit boss achieves nothing except to isolate Russia and diminish its place in the world.

“To be willing to sabotage an innocent club just to make this kind of political statement without thinking about the people it will hurt is shocking.”

While Russia claims that Villas-Boas’ time at Chelsea and Tottenham is evidence of a coaching career, the West insists that no obvious football tactics were used during his time at either club.