Friday, 14th May 2021

World pleasantly surprised as man filmed committing entire murder found guilty of it

THE world has been pleasantly surprised that an American policeman who was filmed committing a murder, from start to finish, was actually found guilty of it. 

The conviction of Derek Chauvin on counts of murder and manslaughter has surprised everyone who assumed that even though his cold-blooded murder of George Floyd was recorded comprehensively from several angles he might still get away with it.

Will McKay of Birmingham said: “Well. Convicted on all three counts and spending the rest of his life behind bars. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that.

“Of course the man was clearly guilty and had no real defence, but he was a white cop and the victim was black and this is America, so there was plenty of room for doubt.

“Perhaps this will even set a new evidential standard so the next policeman filmed blatantly murdering an innocent citizen on camera, not even trying to hide it, will also be convicted. I mean you can dream.

“Then that’ll only leave all the cases that don’t happen on an open street in broad daylight, that aren’t filmed in their entirety, and where the victim isn’t unarmed and handcuffed throughout the whole thing.

“In those the cop will obviously get off and return to the streets to kill again. Still, baby steps.”